Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System

Our Fleet Management System is a simple yet intuitive web application that provides a full, end-to-end Fleet management platform for fleet-based companies of all sizes, be it Taxi services, Fleet Services, Transportation Services, Logistic Services and many more.

It enables the company to manage vehicles and drivers, manage inventory,keep a track of income and expenses and get detailed periodical reports.

This efficient web application would ease the task of managing complex tasks related to companies in the transportation business.


Easily Manage and Track drivers
Efficiently manage vehicles

Track fuel up on vehicles
Vehicle Insurance Details
Purchase Details

Reminder notifications for licence and insurance renewals.
Booking Management
Track inflow and Outflow of vehicle parts (Inventory Management)
Manage and Track income and expenses

Get detailed periodic cash flow reports
Interactive Charts to Visualize reports
Custom Service Reminder for EAch Vehicle
Invoice/receipt for Completed Bookings


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Fervid Ltd is a very professional company with quality service and on time delivery. I will recommend them to anyone. I bought the Work Order Tracking System, and it’s perfectly working well.

Abdi Razak
C.E.O, SolaPack Limited

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