Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System.

Absolute is a highly flexible and feature rich cloud based hotel management system. Bringing together all the strength of cloud technology and value-added features, it simplifies hotel operations while helping you utilize every opportunity to boost hotel revenue.

Features : Reservation Center, Front Office Operations, Flexible Group Management, Profile Management, User Privilege & Security Control, Charges, Deposits and Invoicing, Email Marketing and Scheduling

Fervid Hotel Management System focuses on the complete management of a hotel information and booking system. This application covers all the operations that takes place in any hotel. From employee management to floors, rooms, booking, room type management etc

Reservation Center

Handle all your bookings, track availability and access different views from a single dashboard in our hotel management system.

Front Office Operations

Simplified front office operations will free your staff from tiring tasks and let them engage with your guests.

Flexible Group Management

Our hotel management system will help you take and manage your group operations effortlessly.

Profile Management

The hotel management system lets you create multiple guest profiles, along with maintaining the commission of various booking sources.

User Privilege & Security Control

Create different user accounts and set user privileges for them to restrict the access of important data.

Charges, Deposits and Invoicing

We know you have guests coming from around the world. So, with our hotel management system you can generate invoices in multiple currencies.

Email Marketing and Scheduling

Make your guest feel special by sending personalized pre-arrival, in-house and post-departure emails from the hotel management software.

Trouble Free Audit Trails

We’ve got audit trails that keep you updated with the daily transactions and happenings at your hotel.


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Fervid Ltd is a very professional company with quality service and on time delivery. I will recommend them to anyone. I bought the Work Order Tracking System, and it’s perfectly working well.

Abdi Razak
C.E.O, SolaPack Limited

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