Warehouse Management and Invoicing System

Warehouse Management and Invoicing System

Our Warehouse Management System(WHS) is a web-based application that allows you to monitor office consumables and warehouse dispatches. It allows the user to easily manage your items and inventory easily manage your inventory level and value of items in store and also those dispatched making sure that the correct level of stock is maintained, to be able to meet demand while keeping the costs of holding stock to a minimum.


Our WMS features:

Internet Enabled

To provide accessibility and control of your product our WMS system is accessible through standard web browsers. Employees and customers have immediate access to critical information such as: receipt information, new orders, inventory levels, reports, and distribution activities.


Real-time Capabilities

Our advanced WMS system helps you receive information in real-time. Through integrated hardware and software programs, your products can be integrated to enable real-time inventory processing.

Packaging Options

A modern logistic company can take your bulk goods and package them for your end customer thus saving you space and the hassles of running a packaging department.  This is especially useful if you sell the same product to different customers under their private label brand.  The product can be stored in bulk and then only the amount needed to fill your customers demand is packaged.

Kitting / De-Kitting

Based on customer requirements, Our WHS is providing kitting functions by creating work orders that direct warehouse associates to combine several items to form a new item… or convert an item into a new item. “De-kitting” can also process returned kitted merchandise and place salvageable kit components back into inventory.

Stock Rotation Methods

Our WMS system will support a variety of stock rotation requirements, including lot number, receipt date, manufacture date, expiration date, and support for serial number tracking. Orders can identify specific serial numbers of items to be picked or can perform serial number capture during the outbound process.

Inventory History Transaction Logs

It’s important that the inventory system log all activity related to inventory inbound, outbound, internal warehouse movement, and even inter-warehouse transfers. Our system provides a complete audit trail of activity affecting your inventory.


Returned Goods & Backorder Processing

Logistic Companies that only ship a product from point A to point B have been left behind. Now, routes are complex and deliveries are unique to the consumer. Another part of the supply chain process is dealing with returned goods and backorder processing. With our effective WMS system, it is possible to know of a shipment or delivery issue the minute that it happens. It also allows for more control of the returned product, helping businesses manage re-inspection, quality control, rework, repackaging, re-inventory, salvage, destruction or “return to vendor” status. Our system also allows for backorder rules to be set at both the customer and item level, providing automatic backorder generation and management

Customized Reporting / Compliance Labelling

While standard reports are crucial and used throughout the entire supply chain process, our WMS allows for customized reports to be saved and used, as well as sorted, stored and distributed electronically. Shipping documents should also can also be customized based on consumer needs and available electronically.


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